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Top 4 FM Skills that Will Be In High Demand In 2017

Giving the market conditions and economic situations that defined the Real Estate sector in 2016, no one needs to be ...
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4 Easy Ways to Handle your Home or Office Relocation Move

Relocating to a new environment home or office naturally comes with some sense of excitement, especially if you are moving ...
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Tenant Retention Plan

How to Create a Tenant Retention Plan that Works.

With Real Estate supply outgrowing demand, increasing cost of building materials, and the attendant low building occupancy rate as a ...
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Techniques for building security

8 Techniques Facilities Managers can apply for Building Security

With increasing spate of insecurity and organized crime in today’s environment, ensuring that buildings – home, offices, etc – are ...
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Case Study - How AMF Dealt with Voltage Fluctuations, Overflowing Septic Tank and Swimming Pool Flooding

Owned by ANAP Holdings Limited, Centre Heights is a sophisticated, high end and luxury development tucked in the heart of ...
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Case Study: How AMF Resolved Excessive Billing System and Plumbing Issues on Site

Anyone with experience in Facilities Management operations will appreciate how demanding it is to address electricity and plumbing issues on ...
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Case Study - How AMF Addressed Flooding and Excessive Diesel Consumption

Power is a big ticket item when it comes to Facilities and Asset Management in Nigeria. It currently accounts for ...
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EBook - How FM can Help Defend the Value of your Real Estate Asset in a Recession

For most Real Estate developers, promoters and investors, the task of retaining value on their asset will obviously top the ...
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It’s a common knowledge that during financial crises, the value of most asset nosedives; owing to a number of unfavourable ...
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Signs that Prove your Hospital’s Facility is Properly Managed

It is no news that one major channel through which Foreign Exchange earnings leave Nigeria is medical tourism. A 2013 ...
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