Automating FM Request Management Process

Target Participants

Facilities Managers | Maintenance Managers | Admin Managers | CRM Managers

There are at least, three type of customers the FM professional or company must satisfy – the landlord, Client Representative and the occupants. Either as an in-house FM or FM Company professional, you will have to deal with at least two or all of these customer classes.

What is interesting about today's FM customers is that, more than ever before, they are very aware of required level of quality, they demand and expect high service delivery and are very sophisticated in their approach to customer services.

Like they say: “it is no longer fashionable to satisfy your customers, you have to delight them”. This training module is designed to help you and your organization combine both technology and operational practices to delight your customers. It focuses on computerized maintenance management system helps you automate your request management strategies and how to explore your competitive advantage for sustainable business growth.

  • Exploring Technology to improve services and Enhance Cost-Effectiveness
  • Service and Customer Service Culture in the FM Market
  • How to Establish Customer Orientation in your Organization.
  • How to Align your Business Objectives and FM Operations to Meet Customers Expectation.
  • Delivering and Measuring Service Excellence in FM Operations
  • Service Level Agreements & Key Performance Indicators
  • Forming the right Customer Experience, Relationships & Perception
  • Managing change and costs; and retaining customer loyalty
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