Contract and Procurement for Facility Managers

Target Participants

Facility Managers | Estate Managers | Admin Managers |Corporate Services Managers |Branch Rollout Managers | Cell Site Construction Company | Real Estate Developers | Project Managers

For the Facilities Manager or Company to deliver value to its customers, there must be well thought-through supply chain management strategies that supplies FM operations with the right services, materials and contractors. Contracting and Procurement play significantly in this operational mix.

This training course is therefore designed to equip you with the knowledge and techniques to manage contracts and service levels effectively, and to achieve the demanding performance requirements expected of them. It will provide you with an understanding of the fundamental concept and challenges associated with contracting and procurement; examine different definition, sourcing and tendering methodologies, and assist organization in the knowledge of developing and institutionalizing transparent, efficient and effective contract and procurement systems.

  • General principles and strategies of Contract and Procurement
  • Different types of contracts and their Characteristics
  • Contract management role and responsibilities
  • Performance Management for C&P
  • Functional role and interfaces for Procurement and Contract Management
  • The Fundamentals of Selection and Contract Award
  • Commercial Aspects of Contracting
  • How to Deliver Quality and add Value throughout the Contract Lifecycle
  • Handling Contract Change, Cost variation and Cash flow and Preparing for re-tender/renewal
  • The Principles of Contract management and Control

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