Facilities Maintenance Training For Technicians

Target Participants

Plumbers| Civil Engineers | Electrical Engineers| Mechanical Engineers

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This training focuses on helping your technicians develop and build capacity for the required level of outcome. The purpose of the training program is to provide participants with practical knowledge and technical skills for better FM service delivery.

At the end of the training, our goal is that your technicians are able to demonstrate proper safety and quality management practices, adhere to operational procedures in carrying out electrical or mechanical installations, designs, troubleshooting and servicing of building systems.

For organizations with interest in succession planning, this also avail your technical staff the opportunities of handling and overseeing general administration of facility management services.

  • Bend copper pipes using springs and machines
  • Cut and join copper pipe
  • Repair and dress walls before painting (including basic plastering)and select correct paint types and finishes
  • Maintain painting tools, pads and brushes, correctly apply gloss and emulsion and acrylic paint, burning and removing acrylic paint
  • Circuit breaker maintenance
  • Electrical standards
  • Fiber optic splicing and testing
  • Principle of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (refrigerating cycle)
  • Understanding the electrical components of R & A systems

Registration Fee

N 100,000

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