Facilities Management for CEOs and Business Owners

Target Participants

CEOs | Business Owners | Entrepreneurs | Top Executive in Facilities Management and Related Practices

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Whether yours is an Integrated Facilities Management Company, Cleaning or Janitorial Services, or you're just involved in the supply chain that delivers FM services in today's market: one thing is clear – leading a Facilities Management business profitably in today's market requires more than a strategic approach to business management. It requires a deeper understanding of specific indices, market trends and strategic operational metrics.

This seminar therefore presents you with the opportunity to learn from our faculty of experienced business leaders in the FM market to discuss how top executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs of Facilities Management or Related Companies can combine knowledge, skills and attitude to harmonize various organizational resources to satisfy the FM customers profitably.

  • FM Business for Optimal Performance
  • Strategies & Processes for Effective Procurement & Facility Management Outsourcing
  • Decreasing & Managing Performance for FM Business Success
  • Trends in FM & the Place of Innovation in a Dynamic Market
  • Operational Efficiency, Asset Management, & Maintenance Planning Techniques
  • Managing, Relating and Exceeding the FM Customers’ Expectation
  • Defining a Winning Strategy in a Low-Awareness FM Market