Facilities Management Seminar for CEOs and Business Owners

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N 200,000.00

amtc-ceo“From topline to bottomline; leading a Facilities Management Business in today’s Real Estate Market in Nigeria”

Whether yours is an Integrated Facilities Management Company, Cleaning or Janitorial Services business, Security; or you’re just involved in the supply chain that delivers Facilities Management services in today’s market: one thing is clear – leading a Facilities Management business profitably in today’s market requires more than a strategic approach to business management – it requires a deeper understanding of specific indices, market trends and strategic operational metrics.

With the current reported N6.7 Trillion Real Estate value estimated to grow at 10% in the next few years, the ultimate responsibilities for organizational performance and operational efficiency stop at the desk of top executives, business owners and Chief Executives of Facilities Management companies.

This seminar therefore presents you with the opportunity to learn from the Managing Director/CEO of leading Facilities Management Company, Alpha Mead Facilities & Management Services Ltd (AMFacilities),Engr. Femi Akintunde. He will be leading a faculty of experienced hands in the FM market to discuss how top executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs of Facilities Management or Related Companies can combine knowledge, skills and attitude to harmonize various organizational resources to satisfy the FM customer profitably.


  • Help top executives and business owners in Facilities Management to understand the Critical Success Factors in Nigeria’s business environment
  • Expose participants to functional and operational strategies around key elements of the market – People, Process and Places.
  • Demonstrate to participants, strategies of handling bids, tendering and managing the supply chain through standard processes and specifications.
  • Help Facilities Management business owners and CEO understand customers’ value and how to design functional and measurable systems that meet their needs profitably.

Recommended for: CEO |FM Business Owners | FM Entrepreneurs | Top Executive in Facilities Management & Related Practices.

Course Content

  1. Facilities Management Business for Optimal Performance

In spite of the anticipated growth in the Facilities Management Space, the increasing sophistication of customers and the pressing demand for value is necessitating the need for businesses to refocus their operations of key market determinants. The module seeks to:

  • Give an overview of the Nigerian Business Environment and the place of FM
  • Interrogate the key indices and models of a winning business plan and FM operations
  • Share thoughts on key challenges of the Nigerian Entrepreneurs in a low-awareness market like FM
  • Give insight on managing cash flow for operational efficiency and business profitability
  • Familiarize participants with different models of business sustainability relevant for the FM business in this market.
  1. Trends in FM and the place of innovation in a dynamic market

The influx of FDIs into the country and the attendant sophistication of Real Estate assets have tasked the FM business to come up with innovative solutions to meet a dynamic market demand. How does an FM business innovate with the spate of growth and changes in the market? What trends are noticeable in the market and how should FM respond to them? This module will:

  • Highlight the trends in the Nigerian FM market and their key triggers.
  • Redefine Facilities Management operation in the face of these trends.
  • Take a leap into the future of FM in the Market and the place of innovation.
  • Discuss the strategies for FM innovations in the current economic dispensation.
  • Highlight the key organizational indices that promote innovation and the resources required by FM companies to innovate.
  1. Strategies and Processes for effective Procurement and Facility Management Outsourcing.

Having the right supply chain is a critical success factor in today's FM market; but engaging the right vendors or getting FM outsourcing right is a deliberate act delivered on back of a well thought-through procurement and FM outsourcing strategies. This module seeks to:

Take participants through the process of creating a value-delivering business process outsourcing strategies.

  • Define the basic techniques of running the strategies to deliver the right vendor and the profitable customers to the FM business.
  • Establish the standards, processes, and Key Performance Indicators for both procurement and business process outsourcing.
  1. Operational Efficiency, Asset Management, and Maintenance Planning Techniques 

Satisfying customers' need efficiently, increasing asset lifecycle and maintenance planning are core to the success of any FM business. This module therefore seeks to discuss different execution models that can help FM business owners and CEOs manage key operational issues, evaluate result and help take decisions that deliver value to the customers and meet business objectives. It will:

  • Open up the basic evaluation techniques and frameworks for executing maintenance works
  • Enunciate key cultural issues and the challenges of maintenance management
  • Discuss some contemporary modern systems involved in managing operations, asset and maintenance.
  • Highlight the best practices applicable across the key operational areas and stakeholder management.
  1. Designing and Managing Performance for FM Business Success

Like any other business, performance is a key issue in running an FM company. It is important for the FM business to show value to its customers and for it to gauge the health of its business. While what is considered performance vary from customer to customer, performance for the FM business focuses on how it manages its Man, Money and Machines to deliver value to its stakeholders. This module will therefore:

  • Examine the roles of Service Level Agreements (SLAB) in the FM business process and how it drives operational efficiency.
  • Discuss various methods of measuring performance using frameworks such as the balanced scorecard, KPIs, etc.
  • Help participants understand the transactional dynamics of the request-to-pay process.
  • Elaborate on customer service metrics that ensure business sustainability and customer retention.
  • Shed light on how performance measurement can be used to trigger behavioral change and service orientation.
  1. Managing, Relating and Exceeding the FM Customers' Expectation

Customers are at the heart of any business — some even describe them as KING. To exceed the FM Customers' expectations, Facilities Management businesses must design strategies to lead stakeholders above, across and below. At the top of this responsibility is the CEO, business leaders or the entrepreneurs. This module thus seeks to:

  • Demonstrate the importance of customer satisfaction and its impact on business profitability.
  • Identify the various customer groups and segments of an FM business and the strategies for satisfying each, based on their peculiarities.
  • Analyze different FM customer service and management frameworks and recommend functional and operational strategies of exceeding customers' expectations.
  • Outline the key elements that can help FM CEOs and business leaders entrench the culture of customer service in their organizations.
  • Discuss strategies of retaining customers in the face of changing market conditions and cost structures.
  • Assess different customer satisfaction metrics and discuss the journey of customers from prospects to advocates.
  1. Designing and Implementing Financial Plans in FM.

Cash flow is the life blood of a business, while profit is one of the strongest reasons why businesses operate. Giving the peculiar situations the FM space pose to financial management, this module will take participants through:

  • Determining their business financial performance, using key accounting ratios.
  • Budgeting, investment appraisal, ethical accounting &discounted cash flow methods
  • Service Charge Administration

A sound understanding of the three golden lines of achieving exceptional performance in business Top, Middle and Bottom lines.

Defining a winning Strategy in a Low-awareness FM Market

Many have argued about the size of the Nigerian FM market and how sustainably profitable it is. In spite of this, there is serious competition among FM companies, the supply chain vendors and even organizations who would rather in-source FM rather than outsource. This module will treat key strategic issues and execution plans of how to position your company to take the bigger size of the pie in the market. It will:

  • Outline and discuss the Critical Success Factors for the FM market and how FM businesses can position for Competitive Advantage.
  • Highlight the key economic drivers of the market and how they would impact the FM market now and in the future.
  • Emphasize the imperatives of corporate vision, mission and core values as key drivers to win in the market.
  • Open up on the elements of strategic planning and how to leverage it Fora lead-to-pay process business development strategy.

Expose participants to corporate performance management system, through an in-depth discussion and analysis of the BSC/KPIs as frameworks for strategy execution

Leading an FM Company from Top line to Bottom line.

At the end of the day,businesses want to make profit. Leading an FM company successfully requires real leadership who can inspire, motivate and influence resources—man, money or machine. This module will:

  • Cut through the imperatives of making the right, guided, and sometimes tough decisions.
  • Open up the key issues around developing an effective team, and how to motivate, retain, and even manage their exit.
  • Help participants demonstrate the skills of inspiring, influencing and managing all stakeholders.
  • Expose the participants to the dynamics of organizing, delegating and empowering their teams.
  • Discuss the processes of negotiation, and conflict management with all stakeholders

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