IFMA Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP)

Target Participants

Facility management practitioners with a baseline of FM industry knowledge| FM professionals with proven experience transitioning into related position| Related industry practitioners such as building owners, architects, designers and safety engineers| Certified Facility Managers® (CFM®) and Facility Management Professionals (FMP®) interested in expanding their depth of expertise in the area of sustainable facility management| LEED Professionals seeking continuing education hours

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IFMA’s Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) is unlike any other credential or certification. More than a building certification and rating system, the SFP credential helps facility professionals play key leadership roles in creating, managing and operating sustainable facilities by giving them the skills to continually improve their facility’s impact on the environment and the community
Earning the SFP credential helps bridge the gap between the professional and the property, teaching facility managers how to implement sustainability concepts that align with corporate strategy.
IFMA’s SFP Credential Program® provides the tools to enhance your knowledge and earn the SFP credential in one complete program. This new training and assessment program provides a complete picture of how individuals can improve the sustainability of their facilities.

  • Impact your organization’s triple bottom line
  • Support your environmental commitment with practical FM skills
  • Challenge yourself and your organization to go beyond the current thinking
  • Earn a competitive advantage
  • Become part of a network of like-minded professionals
  • Strategy and Alignment for Sustainable Facility Management
  • Managing Sustainable Facilities
  • Operating Sustainable Facilities

Registration Fee

Program materials with print - N470, 000.00
Program materials e-version – N420, 000.00

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