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The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Affiliate Programmes

We are Global Training Affiliate (GTA) of IFMA for the provision of the education and training programmes that will lead to globally acceptable professional certificates and designations in Facilities Management.

As Foreign Direct Investments make way into Africa's economy, more international businesses are demanding global best practices in the market. The IFMA Affiliate Programmes are some of the few globally-recognized credentials for global best practice. This is a great opportunity to position yourself for these opportunities, keep abreast of global FM trends, and of course, race faster to the top of your career!

Why you should be IFMA Credentialed:

  • Deeper understanding of issues challenging FMs today through unhindered access to white papers provided by IFMA and the IFMA Foundation.
  • Whether you are a seasoned Facility Manager or just getting started in the profession, IFMA programme offer the knowledge you need to find the perfect FM position and advance you career. IFMA members get an advanced screening of all job postings.
  • Whether you are new to facility management or have decades of experience, IFMA credentials can help you achieve your professional development and career goals.
  • Any of the IFMA programmes will also help you expand your skill and earn you instant credibility
  • IFMA credential is an evidence of demonstrable professional knowledge and commitment to current and prospective employers.

Some of Our IFMA Affiliate Programmes

The Facility Management Professional (FMP): The FMP credential is an assessment-based certificate program demonstrating a proven comprehension of the foundations of Facilities Management. The programme credential was recently updated and enhanced to align with the IFMA global job task analysis, so as to ensure it teaches and tests the knowledge demanded by today’s global employers.

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IFMA’s Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) is unlike any other credential or certification. More than a building certification and rating system, the SFP credential helps facility professionals play key leadership roles in creating, managing and operating sustainable facilities by giving them the skills to continually improve their facility’s impact on the environment and the community

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