Managing Compliance Issue In Facilities Management

Target Participants

Facilities Managers | Operations Managers | HSE Advisors | Quality Assurance/Control Managers

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With the growing interest in the Facilities Management practice, adherence to standards and compliance to processes are key to delivering value to the customers and flouting statutory regulations.

This course module is designed to help private organizations and FM companies mitigate compliance risks by ensuring you know and prepare for potential pitfalls.

Signing up for this module will therefore deepen your understanding of complex legislations, processes and standard procedures applicable to the FM practices. This training will further help you gain the knowledge to prepare for and mitigate compliance-related risks posed to your business or your clients organization.

  • Overview of FM compliance legislation
  • Identification of different situations e.g. owners/ occupiers
  • Responsibilities in compliance management and where they lie
  • Common issues in stakeholder knowledge
  • Best practice steps for mitigating compliance risk amongst stakeholders

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