Mechanical And Electrical Maintenance In FM

Target Participants

FMs with no prior engineering background | FMs who have responsibilities for estates and engineering personnel or contractors | FMs with overall responsibility for buildings and their service.

Facilities Management is a multi-disciplinary profession that draws from all areas of human endeavour. The need to help FM professionals with engineering background deepen their understanding, and help non-engineering FM professionals grow capacity in Mechanical and Electrical maintenance, are why we have designed this two-day training for you.

If you want to be able to respond to the increasing demand by customers on energy conservation, improved environment performance, efficient operation and reliable maintenance; you should sign up for this training.

In the quest to help you develop capacity around complex engineering issue, which account for close to 40% capital cost of building in today's market, this training will help you focus on common HVAC systems, heating, cooling, ventilation, water systems, etc.  It reviews principles and provides knowledge and awareness of why and how many different mechanical & electrical systems are designed, operated and maintained.

  1. The Mechanics of Heat Transfers in Buildings
  2. How to reduce energy use and calculations of building heat loss
  3. Review of the latest Building Regulations
  4. Managing Ventilation
  5. Fresh air requirements & provision of passive cooling
  6. Heating Systems
  7. A review of the advantages & disadvantages of the different types of heating system
  8. Plant Sizing and Controls
  9. Energy Trends and the FM Market

Registration Fee

N 100,000

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