Wale Olaoye, MD, Halogen Security; Wale Odufalu, DMD, Alpha Mead Group, Francis Emepueaku and Achi Daniel.; Francis Ikenga, MD, Seymour Ltd; and Wole Olufore, EDC, Alpha Mead Group during the reception in honour of Francis and Daniel at the Halogen Academy last week.

In the wake of the heroic did of two employees of one of our Service Providers at the Seymour Car Park last week, our management has issued a Certificate of Commendation to Halogen Security Limited, employer of the two guards: Francis Emepueaku and Achi Daniel.

Francis and Daniel found and returned a bag containing huge sums of dollar-denominated currency and other valuables in the course of their duty at the car park, and their rare act of honesty has earned them praises, accolades and recognition from far and wide; including special recognition from President Buhari and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Speaking during a special reception organised in honour of Francis and Daniel by Halogen, our Deputy Managing Director, Wale Odufalu praised Halogen for working tirelessly to align their staff with Alpha Mead’s strong management systems, saying; “what we are celebrating here today is the outcome of a strong quality management system, an effective supplier relationship management, committed service providers, and of course, the individual commitment of the employees”.

Odufalu, who spoke about the rigorous processes of Alpha Mead’s service provider selection and the different systems put in place by Alpha Mead to encourage acts like this furthered: “The is the result of what can happen when a supplier relationship goes beyond the transactional”.

She praised halogen for aligning and supporting Alpha Mead in its effort to ensure the best customer experience is delivered. She noted that Francis and Daniel could have acted otherwise if they had doubted that they have a strong backing of their employer to do the right thing.

She specifically recognised Daniel and Francis, commending them for “forsaking temporary wealth and gaining lasting honour”. She encouraged them to continue to be good ambassadors of their families, employer and Nigeria.

For creating the right environment for indigenous businesses, Odufalu also commended the Federal Government, noting that “the government’s increasing commitment to Public Private Partnership is indeed proving to be not only successful but has produced a replicable one, like the Seymour Car Park, that can be readily deployed across all major cities in Nigeria”.

In his response, Wale Olaoye, Managing Director, Halogen Security, thanked Alpha Mead for all its efforts at ensuring that the right atmosphere is created for service providers like Halogen to bring their expertise to play. He also attested to the different training programmes and quality management supports from Alpha Mead, explaining that, as an organisation that also believes in processes and systems, it was easy for Halogen to embrace Alpha Mead’s mode of operations

Francis Ikenga, Managing Director of Seymour Ltd, promoter of the car park, also specially thanked Alpha Mead for its steadfastness and a strong commitment to processes, especially during the take-off of the project. He also commended Francis and Daniel for their rare act of honesty and integrity, assuring them that they have both written their names on the sand of time and their generations will be proud to be associated with them.