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Corporate Management Systems

Our corporate business is managed by a team of seasoned professionals with core competences in our key business processes, as illustrated in the diagram above.

These processes include:

Organisation Resources: This deals with the provision of adequate and quality Man, Machine and Money for the business to run. This process also involves sourcing for the required information, management expertise, tools and equipment that will help make the best use of our resources.

Lead Generations: We engage the market at various levels – public, private, NGOs, etc – across various industries and sectors to provide solutions and generate opportunities across our service offerings.

Prospect Evaluation: In the quest to continually succeed on all our projects, we have developed capacity along defined criteria to meet our service offerings with quality prospects.

Opportunity Conversion: Our team approaches every opportunity with strong a commitment to quality and a mutually beneficial outcome. We also expect to be treated fairly in a transparent bidding process that reassures all stakeholders of a healthy competitive environment.

Work Execution: We mobilize to every project with the best human and material resources available; to help deliver effective and quality service, health and safety standards, and ultimately extend the life span of our customers’ assets at the lowest life cycle cost.

Payment: To ensure that the quality and effectiveness of our services remain at the highest level, we expect that our customers will timely, honour their financial commitment within agreed contract terms, so we can in turn fulfill our financial obligations to other stakeholders with our supply chain network.

Stakeholder Management: We understand that this is the bedrock of sustainability. Hence, we intend to continually align our business values, interact with all our stakeholders and act accordingly on their feedbacks to engender mutual understanding between us and other interests in our business.

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