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Corporate Publications

Document Name Link to Download
2018 Nigerian FM Roundtable Communique DOWNLOAD
Ghana FM Roundtable 2017 Compendium DOWNLOAD
Empowering People for a Productive World: A Compendium of Discussion at the 2016 Nigerian FM Roundtable DOWNLOAD
Building Resilience for the Future: A Compendium of Discussion at the 2015 Nigerian FM Roundtable DOWNLOAD
2016 FM Roundtable Presentations DOWNLOAD
EBook: Building Resilience for the Future through Efficient Real Estate and Facilities Management DOWNLOAD
E-Book: How Facilities Management can Help Defend the Value of your Real Estate Asset in a Recession DOWNLOAD
Case Study - How to Address Flooding and Excessive Diesel Consumption DOWNLOAD
Case Study - A Guide to Resolving Excessive Billing System and Plumbing Issues on Site DOWNLOAD
Ebook: Why Facility Management Outsourcing Fail and How to Avoid the Pitfalls DOWNLOAD
Maximizing the Value of Real Estate Assets through Efficient Facilities Management. DOWNLOAD
Top 5 Factors that influence the Value of a Real Estate Asset. DOWNLOAD
Case Study - How to Deal with Voltage Fluctuations, Overflowing Septic Tank and Swimming Pool Flooding DOWNLOAD