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Scope of Services

Our Integrated Facilities Management and FM consultancy services provide technical and operational solutions to large-scope, long-term, complex, and multi-serviced facilities across Africa. We have designed and mastered processes and procedures that deliver quality and cost-saving opportunities to Real Estate owners and investors with diverse range of portfolios.

While our Integrated Facility Management service method helps you to clearly link Facilities Management services to your organizations’ business strategy; our FM Consultancy services is a bespoke solution to help your large scope of contractors and service providers with management procedures that can help funnel their activities to achieving your business objectives.

With our FM and FM Consultancy Services, we want to help you do the following:

  • Focus and invest your limited resources to improve your core business, rather than in FM activities; with no commensurate result on your bottom line.
  • Manage clusters of your local and host community subcontractors to ensure performance, compliance and measurement, while providing single-point accountability to you.
  • Synthesize your organization’s quality objectives with the right suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Reduce cost and give you value for the money spent.

We have delivered this scope of service to both local and international businesses such as: Shell, NNPC, Ado Bayero Mall Kano, Nigerian Stock Exchange, among others; delivering value through:

Access to Best Practice: With our global ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certification and partnership with Global market players like Cluttons LLP, Johnson Controls and KEYKINGS, we have provided our customers access to best-in-class practices and standards that has helped them maximize their returns on investment.

System Efficiency: We have delivered service efficiency to our customers through the control of processes and insight into performance (including that of buildings and suppliers) that has helped them take proactive decisions and increase their productivity for primary business processes due to reduction in the number of disruptions (from reactive to preventive maintenance).

Synergizing Multiple Services and Improved Customers Satisfaction: We apply best-in-class contracting processes and systems that have helped our customers take advantage of the resultant efficiency, and improved customers’ satisfaction that has increase occupancy rate for our Real Estate customers.

Over the years, the advantages of our Integrated Facilities Management and FM Consultancy Services have been: greater value for money, reduced overall life cycle cost of asset ownership, delivery efficiency services based on well defined SLA and KPI’s, well-structured and engineered contracts which enables the client to take full advantage of the service providers experience and also a platform for service provider/ end user interaction for optimum services delivery.

We provide a Facility audit/condition survey service aimed at systematically recording inventory and locations of existing assets, identifying their deficiencies and determining the functional performance of building components and infrastructure.

This scope includes developing a facility audit/condition survey report, preparing a short term plan for maintenance, repairing activities to correct observed deficiencies, and identifying and prioritizing capital projects covering major improvements.

We provide maintenance and management of hard and soft services including: electrical, mechanical civil infrastructure, landscaping, grounds, support services etc.

The services provided onsite includes:

  • regular routine inspection
  • identification and rectification of building defects
  • occupant relations/interface management
  • Operating and capital budget
  • Strategic and tactical management.

Alpha Mead Facilities provides a Life Cycle Development service which involves the facilitation and implementation of a comprehensive Life Cycle Asset Management plan for facilities.

We provide standardized processes and procedures that will govern acquisition, utilization and maintenance of capital assets, as well as identify and manage potential risks.

The scope includes: asset management strategic plan, long-term asset plan, key performance indicators and standard procedures, and processes that govern the life cycle of assets from conceptual design through decommissioning and disposal.

Our project/construction management service involves the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion. Our services are tailored to the size and complexity of any given project – and backed by a corporate commitment to total quality management.

The scope includes:

  • Schedules and budget evaluations
  • Value engineering, accuracy
  • Checks on cost estimates
  • Weighing project alternatives
  • Monitoring
  • Co-ordination of project.

Our procurement management service helps to build efficiency into your procurement process by delivering a comprehensive streamlined approach to procurement.

The scope of our procurement management services includes:

  • procurement strategy review
  • Supply chain management
  • Contract negotiation
  • Process audit
  • Monitoring vendor performance.

Our Power Solutions Services cover sales, rentals, leasing, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of electric power generating equipment and the associated logistics support services for corporate endeavors, events, construction sites, residential estates, etc.

Having identified power as one of the most critical infrastructure requirements for businesses and communities to thrive, we have designed various power solution strategies to help meet the increasing demand for uninterrupted power supply and reduce business exposure to power investment risks such as borrowing, capital diversions, huge overhead, and access to quality workmanship.

We have Power Solution Options in the following areas:


Under this option, we are able to provide alternative power through deployment of our Generators, as well as provide, install, and maintain the full range of equipment based on required specification for your business. Power will be provided on KWh Tariff Basis, same as the tariff from the PHCN exclusive of diesel. This package enables you to enjoy alternative power supply and comes complete with on-site attendance and maintenance services.


This option require us to provide, install, fuel and maintain the full range of required equipment to power your business, site or estate. We can also provide alternative power through deployment of our Generators.


Our generator rental covers the following:

    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rentals and Long term Lease
    • Routine Maintenance
    • Installation
    • Manning personnel
    • Diesel Supply
    • Delivery

We also provide power to systems with our gas alternative services, exploring either the Piped Natural Gas (PNG) or the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) option. We are able to provide any of these options within a Seven month notice.


We are currently responsible for the maintenance of several generators on our clients’ sites and have a strong in-house team of installation, commissioning and maintenance engineers. Some of our clients include Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company, Treasure Gardens Residential Association, TOTAL E & P Nigeria Limited, Schlumberger Nigeria Limited, Mulliner Towers, TOTAL Trustees, etc.

In order to improve the level of service delivered to FM customers, institute, and promote global best standards in FM service delivery, we have designed bespoke training programmes and collaborated with relevant FM Training institutes around the world to help professionals within the African built sector keep up with new trends that can help them compete favourably in the market.

We have secure the Global Training Affiliate (GTA) status of the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA, International) to train Facilities Managers in the Facilities Management Professional (FMP) and Sustainability Facilities Professional (SFP) courses in Africa. Our Centre has also been recognized by the British Institute of Facilities Managers (BIFM) to offer level 5 Awards, Certificate and Diploma in Nigeria.

Besides these international certifications, we also run through our Training Subsidiaries, Alpha Mead Training Centre (AMTC) and Harrison Inspection and Training (HIT) to provide a range of in-house and bespoke professional trainings for all levels of FM and FM-related professionals – from top management to artisans.